Free Casino Games

Free Casino Games

Ever since humanity has been endowed with such an incredibly convenient invention like the Internet, a lot of activities like shopping, traveling and gaming have become available online. Nowadays, there are myriads of virtual gambling institutions offering a plethora of free casino games and games with real-money bets to venturesome dwellers of the web. 

Every respectable Internet-based gaming establishment shows off a decent collection of casino games that every interested punter can try out for both virtual chips and real-cash stakes. Along with such giants of virtual gambling as roulette, blackjack, and poker, other exciting gaming activities are getting popular among passionate gamblers. As a rule, they represent both free online casino games and web-based gambling involving real money.

Casino Games That Are Gaining Popularity Today

Let’s find out what online casino games are now breaking the records of the popularity of their “counterparts”:

  • Pai Gow poker 

The first in our list of casino games taking off nowadays is Pai Gow poker. In this variation of poker, you play against the gambling institution, and not against other participants, as in other games. The dealer (aka croupier) deals everyone, including himself/herself, with seven cards. Based on the received cards, players try to collect the best two combinations of 5 and 2 cards. These combos are then compared with the dealer’s result. If both player’s sequences are higher than those of the croupier, the player wins. If both are smaller, the player loses. In case the player has only one winning combination, the winner is determined by specific rules based on the combination of cards. 

  • Keno 

Basically, keno represents a lottery. The punter receives a card with numbers in the range 1-80. Then he/she marks up to 20 numbers on it and places a bet. The card is registered, and then, this casino online game begins. The host announces twenty random numbers. The player has to find as many numbers as possible among the ones he/she marked in the card. The greater the number of matched numbers, the higher the winnings.

  • Wheel of Fortune (The Big Six) 

Those who choose this gambling activity from the selection of casino games for fun, make stakes on one of the 6 symbols presented on the game table. After that, the dealer turns a wheel that resembles the famous fortune wheel, which is divided into 52 equal sectors, between which separators are placed on edge. When the wheel stops, the pointer will also stop between the two separators—all bets placed on this sector win.

  • Baccarat

In this famous representative of casino games online, each participant has three betting options: Player, Dealer (or Bank), or Draw. When all the players have placed their bids, the dealer hands out two cards to all participants and himself/herself. Card values are added together. If more than 10 points is obtained, 10 is discarded (i.e. 9 + 4 = 13 = 3). A combination that is equal to 10 becomes 0 or baccarat. The prize combo must be higher than the others, and those who made the corresponding stakes win.

Why Do You Need to Try Free Online Casino Games?

The essential advantage of online gambling is the chance to play casino games for free. Most operators allow customers or even unregistered visitors to test the gambling games provided at the website without any need to risk real money. Every visitor – regardless of the reasons that prompted them to visit the gambling portal – can benefit from the opportunity to play for free, both novice punters and sophisticated gamers. 

Thus, playing free casino games online in a demo mode allows beginners to learn the rules and get used to the interface. As for the pros, they can hone their gaming skills and test various winning strategies without risk. And many just carelessly enjoy free casino games for fun only, without jeopardizing their financial situation.

Besides that, numerous game manufacturers release dozens or even hundreds of new models of different genres every month, which often vary in design and gameplay. Of course, before playing casino games for money, you first need to check them out in the free version.

Casino Games

Where to Play Casino Games Online 

Whether you are eager to start playing casino games online free of charge or pushing your luck with real-money stakes, it is better to do so at a credible resource. It can be hard to distinguish a trustworthy web-based casino from a scammer, but there are specific points that one must pay attention to. These include decent payout ratios, advanced security standards, and a vast number of gambling activities to choose from. Mind that no free games casinos are offering their gambling services only for fun or testing.  

How to Earn Money on Online Casino Games

The following particular strategies may significantly increase the chances of earning money at casino online games:

  1. Play slots with decent RTP level. 

Although the theoretical return percentage only works in the long term, it should be taken into account when choosing slots. It is preferable to focus on games with an RTP of 96% or more. Another crucial characteristic of the slot game is volatility. If you have a small bankroll, it is recommended to play slot machines with low volatility, fetching you frequent, but insignificant winnings. Conversely, high-rollers are more suitable for slot machines with high variance. 

  1. Choose slots with jackpots.

Slot machines promising progressive jackpots can bring you a considerable win. Of course, we are not talking about playing such casino games for free, since to win some cash, you have to place real-money bids as well. Although the winnings in jackpot video slots can reach several million dollars, it is quite possible to hit the grand prize even with a minimum bet of just a few cents.

  1. Select slot games with prize features. 

In specific slot machines, bonus options are introduced, allowing punters to increase their winnings. Respins, free spins, themed prize rounds, etc. represent such bonuses. Undoubtedly, a bunch of casino free games also comes with such beneficial options. Free demos help the gamers to understand the rules of the chosen slot better.  


Where can I find new casino games for free?
Most top-rated online casinos replenish their game selections with new gambling products regularly, so you can check them out in the “Games” section of the chosen resource.
What is the second most popular free casino game in the world?
According to many ratings, the second most in-demand casino game is craps.

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