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The online roulette undoubtedly runs the world of virtual gambling. This enthralling type of gambling activities is also one of the most in-demand when it comes to exciting and profitable casino games. Nowadays it seems impossible to find a reputable Internet platform, offering gambling entertainment, that wouldn’t feature roulette game in its assortment. This captivating casino game has won hearts of plentiful punters around the globe. In case you also want to take risks and reap off some money, you need to learn many fascinating details about online roulette in Canada. So keep on reading.  

Online Roulette: Non-standard Types

Visiting various Internet-based gaming resources, you should have encountered the most popular type of the “uncommon” roulette – the so-called “No Zero Roulette.” For the present, it is available at almost every web-based casino, as sophisticated gamblers have seemingly grown a bit tired of it. 

However, there are other formats of roulette free (and money-risking) game that some of you might not have heard of: 

Mini Roulette. We have to say, this version of casino roulette is actually quite familiar to a lot of gamers because a host of well-known developers introduced Mini Roulette in their products. It mainly differs from the original game in a fewer quantity of winning numbers. Thus, players can bet on a maximum of 4 numbers and choose additional sectors as well. Such a type of roulette online brings more profits to the establishment rather than its clients. 

La Boule. This variation of free roulette and its money-engaging counterpart gained popularity several centuries ago. It also operates with fewer numbers, and the game field is somewhat unusual. In La Boule roulette, numbers are duplicated, and you can select odd or even slots on the field, plus additional groups of numbers.  

Multi-Ball Roulette. You probably haven’t seen anything like this before. The renowned company Novomatic developed such a roulette option. There are many variations, but in most of them, the rules remain standard. Just don’t expect enormous winnings in this money-fetching and free roulette game, as the prizes are rather small here. 

Multi-Wheel Roulette. It is similar to the previous type, only here you can track the balls on different tables. There is also an option where one ball is alternately launched on different wheels. It is done to increase the prizes or to accept stakes on additional playing fields. 

Roulette Without Numbers. If you want to play roulette online, chose this one at first, as it has the biggest number of versions. The wheels can have coloured sectors and other symbols. Depending on the selected game, the playing field will change. The rules are easy to comprehend, as you still have to bet on the sector where the ball will hit.

Roulette With Bonuses. This type of popular casino games is found almost everywhere and quite often is executed following the theme of a particular movie. The main difference is that in this free online roulette, there are additional slots that reap off different rewards. For instance, one can win several free bets.

Card Roulette. It doesn’t imply the use of the wheel at all. Instead, the cards are dealt out of the deck. If you are used to playing roulette for fun, you know that you are required to select sectors with cards, which then fall out. It represents an exciting option, and the odds are the same because there are also 36 cards in the deck.


The Secret of Playing Roulette Online

As you know, modern online casinos welcome punters to try out various kinds of roulettes for free. At the same time, some of them offer players a “substitution” of the original free roulette in the form of a computer program. The essence of this program, working on the principles of the random number generator, is very simple – it gives out results without following a specific algorithm. Hence, the probability of finding out the number before it falls out is zero.

Hacking the RNG is impossible and illegal. Therefore, we can say that it is impossible to get an advantage over a web-based gambling establishment and fetch an unbelievable amount of money at once. 

Roulettes Free Betting Systems

Roulette betting systems are, perhaps, the most discussed aspect of this thrilling casino game. In short, betting systems mean that the punter will play roulette by making stakes according to a particular algorithm. Such an algorithm can be calculated in advance and applied throughout the entire game, or changed, depending on the current situation.  

Unfortunately, betting systems cannot improve your winning chances, but they can positively add to the gambling process, affect the volatility rate, and help you control your bankroll.  

However, if you have an infinitely huge bankroll and find an Internet-based casino offering roulette free play and other games without a maximum bet limit, then, theoretically, you can always win, according to the Martingale theory. But, in reality, there are no such casinos! 

Some betting systems may seem very useful to inexperienced punters. Still, none of them actually changes the advantage of the casino implemented in free roulette online sessions and money-pursuing games.

Avoid Using Roulette Game Programs

As we mentioned before, some gaming institutions involved in fraudulent activities actively promote special programs for your PC allegedly allowing you to play roulette for free. Nevertheless, regular testing of this kind of software and trying to use it as intended by the developers only leads to the user’s money vanishing from their bankroll even faster! Bottom line – do not purchase any programs with incomprehensible functionality that supposedly promises higher winnings than at roulettes casinos for free. 


Is it safe to play roulette online for free?
It is entirely safe to play roulette online for free only on one condition. As long as you select a credible online casino with excellent reputation and reviews, then there’s nothing to worry about.
Can I play roulette online with a live croupier?
Yes, of course. Many virtual casinos provide their customers with the opportunity to play online roulette for free or for money with a live dealer. Try to pick a gambling establishment with a high-end live streaming option and comfortable conditions.

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