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Variations of Baccarat Online

For the present, baccarat confidently claims the title of the most popular game in the world. Very often, online baccarat is presented at virtual gambling establishments, as well as exciting varieties of this game. To learn more about this long-time aristocratic game, shrouded in an atmosphere of mystery, and interesting variations of the baccarat game, read our review. 

Unusual Baccarat Game: Chemin de Fer

When speaking about the versions of baccarat casino game, it is essential to mention one of the most popular types called “Chemin de Fer,” which is not inferior to the classic baccarat – that is, American variant. Based on the name, most often such a version is offered by French gambling establishments.

The goal of the game in “Chemin de Fer” is precisely the same as in the classic baccarat. The player needs to guess which hand gets a combination with 9 points or name the closest possible number. The value of the cards and the scoring have also not changed from the original.

As for the differences, the main feature of this variation of casino baccarat game lies in the fact that the gambling institution does not take part in the game, and players gamble against each other. For organizing the game, a 5% commission is usually charged from the total size of the bank. A casino serves as a regulator that provides services, equipment, and controls whether participants adhere to the rules when resolving disputes.

By turns, the role of the Banco (banker) is passed to each of the players present. The pot is formed from the stakes that, as a result, are played between participants. Traditionally, the Banco delegates the right to deal cards to the next participant sitting on the right hand, after losing his/her bet.

Differences from the classic baccarat online are also found in the rules for picking the third card:

  • If the participant has 6 or 7 points, the third card is not drawn.
  • If the player has 4 or fewer points, they must pull a card.
  • When the player has 5 points, they decide at their own discretion.

The French “Chemin de Fer” can boast of something that is not present in American roulette—mainly, the presence of a strategic element. Only one card is dealt. 

Mini-Baccarat Casino Game

In case you want to play baccarat online, pay attention to Mini-Baccarat, which is played according to the simplified rules of the American version, where the croupier always gives out the cards. The playing table is smaller than in other varieties, and each of the participants has three betting fields at once. Stakes can be made on the player’s victory (Punto), the dealer’s win (Banco), or a draw (Egalite).

To play free baccarat of this type, you will need from six to eight regular decks without jokers. A few words about the goal of the game: it has no differences from other types of free baccarat or money-involving baccarat session. Mini-baccarat features the same three types of bets. The maximum number of participants for playing baccarat of this version is seven people. Accordingly, the same number of layouts is applied to the table for playing mini-baccarat.

Cards from 2 to 9 give you a corresponding number of points. An Ace will bring the player 1 point, while “illustrated” cards and Tens do not bring points at all. If a participant of Mini-Baccarat casino game scores more than 10 points, then 10 points are deducted from their total, and the final result is taken into consideration. Thus, according to the rules of mini-baccarat, the total number of points cannot exceed 9.

The Banco and the Punto, following the rules of the game, cannot get more than three cards, and the player whose total points are as close as possible to 9 will win. If the amount of points is the same, then, in this case, the dealer declares an Egalite.

Free Baccarat Strategies

One of the most popular strategies in the gambling world is the Martingale system, which can be applied not only in regards to money-making and free online baccarat. Its essence is incredibly simple – increase the bet twice after each of the lost bets. This system has been in use for more than three centuries.

Another strategy for playing baccarat online for free or for money is the Fibonacci system. This system has proven to be the most effective towards the punters placing average stakes. The system is used to wager a welcome bonus in web-based gambling establishments.

The essence of the strategy lies in the following – each of the upcoming numbers is the sum of the two preceding ones (start counting from one). As a result, the next stake will be 2 = 1 + 1. 

The last but not least baccarat free strategy is the Donald-Nathanson system. It is somewhat similar to the Martingale system – after each lost bet, the new bet has to be one unit higher than the previous one. As a result, winning bid reduce the size of the next bids by this very unit. Such a progression is applied to make it possible to achieve a positive balance.


Online Baccarat with Live Croupier

If you have already tried playing baccarat online for free or for cash prizes, you should definitely give a try to the baccarat casino game with live croupiers. You will undoubtedly enjoy this engaging game, and playing in the presence of others, even virtual clients, is much more enjoyable. 


Can I play free baccarat online and gain profit?
Unfortunately, to benefit from playing baccarat at the Internet-based gaming establishments, you need to place real-money stakes only.
How to win at baccarat?
If you want to win at online baccarat, free strategies mentioned in our review will undoubtedly come in handy.

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